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Fishing is the most popular participant sport in the UK.

Within the website you will find tips and information to help you get the most out of this wonderful sport, including guides to the rivers and fishery listings, a guide to the different species of fish, and much more.'s Fishing Tip of the week!

Netting your fish from the bank: To avoid spooking the fish, always have your landing net in the water before you bring the fish within 6 feet (2 metres) of your position.

Fishing tips

The fishing tips section is being constantly updated to include tips and angling advice.

The tips include the basics for getting started in the world of angling, from setting up the fishing rod through to basics rigs and hook tying. There is also illustrated, step-by-step guides to tying common fishing knots and also how to tie a hair rig.

Fishing Tackle

This section is also being constantly expanded, it looks at the different fishing tackle available and provides tips and advice on the best choices for the type of fishing you intend to do.

Course Fishing

The course section looks in more detail at fishing for specific target species. It will also look at the different methods of coarse fishing, such as feeder fishing and float fishing.

Course Fish Species

There are dozens of different coarse fish species in our waters, this section looks at the more popular species from an angler's point of view and also the smaller "bait-thieves". Each species has extensive information regarding correct identification, the fish's habitat and how best to locate them. It also looks at their natural food sources, reproduction, average length, weight, lifespan and the current UK record.

Additionally, we list the rivers and stillwaters where specimen-sized fish can be found.

Guide to the Rivers

Our river guide includes a look at some of the best coarse, salmon and trout rivers in the UK. We include a guide to the path of the river, listing all of the settlements, large or small, allowing you to find possible locations for that ideal fishing trip. We also list the species of fish present in any given river and the river's major tributaries.

For some rivers we also include a list of some of the fishing clubs and societies that own rights to fish on that particular water. For some fishing clubs you will find further details, including membership fees and a list of all the waters they hold.
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