The River Arun

river arun
Guide to the River Arun.
The River Arun experiences a great run of sea trout and also holds brown trout in the upper stretches, which makes it popular for game fisherman.

The middle and lower river holds small barbel, bream, chub, perch, pike, roach, and the occasional big carp.

The Path of the River Arun

The source of the River Arun lies to the east of the town of Horsham in West Sussex.

The river flows west through Horsham and past the villages of Broadbridge Heath, Slinfold and Rudgwick, before starting to wind its way south passing Roundstreet Common, and flowing inbetween the villages of Wisborough Green and Billingshurst, where it starts to take a more south southwesterly course.

The River Arun continues on passing the western side of the village of Adversane, reaching the hamlet of Stopham, where it takes a turn to the east and receives one of its tributaries, the River Rother, just north of the village of Hardham.

The river then flows along the southern edge of the village of Pulborough, heads south for about half a mile before once again heading southwest, passing the villages of Wiggonholt, Greatham, Coldwaltham and Watersfield.

After flowing near Watersfield the river starts a more southerly route, passing between the idyllic villages of Bury and Amberley, then on past the villages of Houghton, North Stoke and South Stoke. Downstream of South Stoke the river splits into two, the main channel of water continues south and the lesser channel heads east to flow past the villages of Burpham and Wepham, before returning west to rejoin the main channel.

The Arun then continues winding its way south, passing the village of Warningcamp, before entering the historic town of Arundel from the east.

After flowing through Arundel the river begins to wind south southwest towards the English Channel, passing the villages of Ford and Climping on the west bank, and the town of Littlehampton on the east bank, the river then heads into the English Channel and ends its relatively short journey.

Free fishing on the River Arun

Please note, an appropriate Environment Agency fishing licence is required to fish the Arun.

The free fishing stretches include:

  • Downstream of Arundel
    • There is a two and a half mile (4km) stretch of the lower Arun which is free to fish, it runs on the right bank from Arundel downstream to the Ford Railway Bridge. The river is mainly tidal on this stretch and provides some good mullet fishing as well as some of the usual Arun coarse fish in the upper reaches of the stretch.

If you know of any free stretches on this river please let us know.

Species of fish found in the River Arun include:

Fishing Clubs & Societies with fishing rights on the River Arun

River Arun Counties & Tributaries

  • Flows through counties:
    • West Sussex
  • Tributaries include:
    • River Rother

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