The River Dart

river Dart
Guide to the River Dart.
The River Dart is renowned for its salmon fishing, with spring and mid-late summer being when the main salmon runs occur, although there are salmon moving through the river all year round.

Its 2 tributaries the West Dart and the East Dart also offer fantastic game fishing, along with some beautiful scenery.

The Path of the River Dart

The River Dart starts its relatively short journey where the rivers East Dart and West Dart meet at the hamlet of Dartmeet, located in the Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England.

It travels southeast for about 3 miles flowing across the northern edge of the village of Holne. At Holne it changes course and heads northeast passing around half a mile southwest of the village of Poundsgate.

It continues northeast until it arrives just south of the village of Buckland in the Moor, here it starts a southerly course passing the western flank of Ashburton.

The river maintains its southerly course passing to the east of the villages of Buckfast and Buckfastleigh. It continues south for about a mile and a half, then it takes an easterly route passing the southerly tip of the idylic village of Staverton.

After passing Staverton the river changes direction and heads south, passing to the east of Dartington Hall and continuing south through the market town of Totnes, where the river becomes tidal.

After passing through Totnes the river travels southwest to the village of Stoke Gabriel, where it starts to widen and form 2 creeks. The west creek reaches as far as the villages of Ashprington and Tuckenhay, the east creek stretches off and forms a body of water on the southerly edge of Stoke Gabriel.

river dart in dartmouth
The river heads southeast and flows past the villages of Waddeton and Galmpton, where the river is at its widest and forms the Dittisham Lake. It then flows south between the village of Dittisham and the Greenway Estate.

It maintains a southerly course until becoming the Dartmouth Estuary between the town of Dartmouth on the west and the village of Kingswear on the east.

Species of fish found in the River Dart include:

Fishing Clubs & Societies with fishing rights on the River Dart

River Dart Counties & Tributaries

  • Flows through counties:
    • Devon
  • Tributaries include:
    • River West Dart
    • River East Dart

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