The River Exe

river Exe
Guide to the River Exe.
The River Exe is a fairly fast-flowing, very scenic river which passes through some idylic countryside in southwest England.

It offers some of the best salmon, wild brown trout and grayling fishing in the southwest.

The Path of the River Exe

The River Exe commences its journey high on Exmoor National Park in southwest England, just north of the village of Simonsbath.

The first part of its course take it in a southeasterly direction passing through the scenic village of Exford in Somerset. Exford is regarded as being at the centre of the Exmoor National Park and offers everything you need for an idylic fishing holiday or weekend away. The waters flowing through Exford provide some excellent grayling and wild trout fishing.

After flowing through Exford the River Exe continues meandering its way southeast for about 5 miles until reaching the village of Winsford. The river then heads in a south southeast direction for about 3/4 of a mile, then flows east for about half a mile before taking a southerly course passing the western flank of Exton and flowing through the village of Bridgetown.

The river continues south for about 4 miles where it passses between the villages of Jury and Bury, east of the village of Dulverton. As the river flows south it passes east of the village of Brushford before meeting its tributary the River Barle just north of Exebridge. It continues south through Exebridge and on past the villages of Oakford, Bampton and Cove.

Maintaining its southerly course, the river passes to the west of the village of Bolham before flowing into its first major settlement, the town of Tiverton. The friendly town of Tiverton offers some great fishing opportunities, with numerous stretches of the Rive Exe at its most beautiful. Tiverton is also where the river meets another of its tributaries, the River Lowman.

As the river continues on south it passes to the west of the village of Bickleigh, then on through the village of Upexe, which is around a mile west of the larger village of Silverton. The river advances south passing around half a mile east of the village of Thorverton and on past the eastern flank of the village of Brampford Speke.

The River Exe's flow then takes it to the west of the village of Stoke Canon. It continues on past the parish of Upton Pyne, meeting another tributary the River Creedy at the village of Cowley.

The river then heads into Exeter, with Exeter on its eastern bank and the parish of Saint Thomas on its western bank.

As the river leaves Exeter it passes the Exeter suburb of Topsham, then on passing between the villages of Kenton on the west and Lympstone on the east. As it maintains its southerly course it passes the eastern flanks of the villages of Starcross and Cockwood, with Exmouth on its eastern bank.

Species of fish found in the River Exe include:

Fishing Clubs & Societies with fishing rights on the River Exe

River Exe Counties & Tributaries

  • Flows through counties:
    • Somerset
    • Devon
  • Tributaries include:
    • River Barle
    • River Lowman
    • River Clyst
    • River Haddeo
    • River Culm

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