The River Itchen (Hampshire)

river Itchen (Hampshire)
Guide to the River Itchen (Hampshire).

The River Itchin (Hampshire) flows through Hampshire in England.

It is renowned as one of the best fly-fishing chalk streams in the UK. It offers superb brown trout, grayling and salmon fishing.

The Path of the River Itchen (Hampshire)

The River Itchen (Hampshire) begins its almost 30 mile journey in the fields south of the village of Cheriton, which is around 6 miles east of the town of Winchester in Hampshire.

The river begins by heading north, winding its way through the quaint Hampshire villages of Cheriton and Tichborne, before reaching the south western tip of the small town of New Alresford. The Hampshire Itchin then heads west, absorbing its tributaries the River Alre and Candover Brook, then on past the villages of Ovington and Itchen Stoke. As the river continues on a westerly course it passes between the villages of Itchin Abbas and Avington, Martyr Worthy and Easton, then on to the village of Abbots Worthy.

At Abbots Worthy the River Itchin starts to head south, passing the adjacent villages of Kings Worthy and Headbourne Worthy, then on towards the town of Winchester.

Continuing on its southerly course the Rive Itchin enters the town of Winchester from the north, the flow splits into several channels with the main channel running down the eastern flank of the city centre.

After leaving Winchester behind, the Hampshire Itchin continues south passing the villages of Compton End, Twyford, Compton, Shawford, Otterbourne, Twyford Moors, Colden Common, Brambridge and Highbridge.

Downstream of Highbridge the River Itchin flows between the town of Eastleigh and the village of Bishopstoke, it splits into channels for just under a mile and rejoins just south of Bishopstoke.

The river then heads in a south southwesterly direction, at times splitting into channels once again, after flowing under the M27 the river heads in a more west southwesterly direction and into the suburbs of Southampton.

A little downstream of the M27, near the suburb of Swaythling, the River Itchin meets another of its tributaries, Monks Brook. After the Monks Brook confluence the river heads south through the city of Southampton, turning tidal and heading to its confluence with the River Test to become Southampton Water.

Free fishing on the River Itchen (Hampshire)

Please remember, you will need to hold a valid "Enviroment Agency Rod Licence" to fish these free stretches.

The free fishing stretches include:

  • Southampton, Hampshire
    • There is a small stretch which runs for around 500 metres from just upstream of the Swan Public house, downstream to Woodmill. Fish from the left bank for coarse fish only (no game fishing).

If you know of any free stretches on this river please let us know.

Species of fish found in the River Itchen (Hampshire) include:

Fishing Clubs & Societies with fishing rights on the River Itchen (Hampshire)

River Itchen (Hampshire) Counties & Tributaries

  • Flows through counties:
    • Hampshire
  • Tributaries include:
    • River Alre
    • Candover Brook
    • Monks Brook

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