The River Lune

river Lune
Guide to the River Lune.
The River Lune is a beautiful fast flowing river, which winds its way through Cumbria and Lancashire in England.

Although renowned for its salmon and sea trout fishing, the river also holds wild brown trout, bream and roach.

The Path of the River Lune

The River Lune starts its 40 odd mile journey at the confluence of the Sandwath Beck and Weasdale Beck, near the village of Newbiggin-on-Lune in Cumbria.

The river heads west, passing the quaint villages of Bowderdale, Kelleth and Gaisgill on its way to the village of Tebay, where the river turns south and runs alongside the M6 motorway.

From Tebay the River Lune continues running alongside the southbound M6, passing the village of Roundthwaite and then meeting its tributary, the Borrow Beck. Around 4 miles further downstream the M6 motorway heads off to the southwest, just north of the village of Beck Foot.

The River Lune continues on south passing Firbank, Howgill and the sixteenth century house, Ingmire Hall. Around 2 miles downstream of Ingmire Hall one of the Lune's tributaries, the River Rawthey joins the flow.

The river then meanders its way past the villages of Killington and Middleton, then runs between the hamlet of Old Town and the village of Barbon. Just downstream of Barbon, the Lune absorbs another tributary, the Barbon Beck, before passing the village of Casterton and flowing into the town of Kirkby Lonsdale from the north.

river lune kirkby lonsdale
As the river enters Kirkby Lonsdale it splits into two for about 500 metres forming an island, it then heads down the eastern flank of the town and under the famous Devil's Bridge.

Leaving Kirkby Lonsdale behind the river crosses the border from Cumbria into Lancashire and begins a more southwesterly course, passing the parish of Whittington and meeting its tributary, Leck Beck, just upstream of the hamlet of Nether Burrow.

The Lune continues past the villages of Newton and Tunstall, then just downstream of Tunstall the River Greta joins the flow, the Lune then continues southwest past the villages of Arkholme, Melling and Gressingham.

Just downstream of Gressingham near the village of Hornby another tributary, the River Wenning, joins the flow of the River Lune. It continues southwest past the villages of Claughton and Brookhouse, meets another tributary the Artle Beck just upstream of the village Caton, and then continues on past the village of Halton.

Just over a mile downstream of Halton the river turns tidal as it flows into the city of Lancaster with the town of Morecombe on its northern bank. The river leaves Lancaster heading west southwest for about a mile and a half, then changes to a southerly course passing Heaton, Stodday and Overton.

The river then heads west passing Glasson Dock and ends its journey by emptying into the Irish Sea.

Species of fish found in the River Lune include:

Fishing Clubs & Societies with fishing rights on the River Lune

River Lune Counties & Tributaries

  • Flows through counties:
    • Cumbria
    • Lancashire
  • Tributaries include:
    • Sandwath Beck
    • Weasdale Beck
    • Borrow Beck
    • River Rawthey
    • Barbon Beck
    • Leck Beck
    • River Greta
    • River Wenning
    • Artle Beck

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