The River Ouse (Yorkshire)

river Ouse (Yorkshire)
Guide to the River Ouse (Yorkshire).
The river Ouse in Yorkshire, sometimes called the Yorkshire Ouse to avoid confusion with the other rivers named Ouse, offers some great fishing along with beautiful countryside.

The river can be very wide in places and runs for about 50 miles.

The Path of the River Ouse (Yorkshire)

The River Ouse (Yorkshire) begins its journey near Linton-on-Ouse in Yorkshire, made up from the waters of the River Ure.

The Yorkshire Ouse initially heads east from Linton-on-Ouse until it reaches the village of Newton-on-Ouse, where it heads south for about a mile and a half to the village of Nun Monkton. From Nun Monkton the River Ouse winds its way east southeast to the village of Beningbrough, then the river takes on a more southeasterly course, passing the villages of Overton, Nether Poppleton, Skelton and Rawcliffe.

The river then flows into the city of York, passing the suburbs of Clifton and Holgate on its way into the city centre.

The Yorkshire Ouse leaves York from the south of the city, passing between the suburb (formerly a village) of Dringhouses and the village of Fulford, flowing under the A64 road, then on past the villages of Bishopthorpe, Naburn, Acaster Malbis and Acaster Selby.

Around 2 miles downstream of Acaster Selby the River Ouse meets one of its tributaries, the River Wharfe, then continues on a southerly course to the village of Cawood. At Cawood the river heads east, passing the village of Kelfield and on to the historic village of Riccall where the Yorkshire Ouse once again winds its way south.

As the river heads south it passes around a mile east of the village of Wistow, then continues on past the linear village of Barlby and into the Yorkshire town of Selby.

From Selby the Yorkshire ouse heads in a more southeasterly direction, flowing past the village of Hemingbrough before subsuming another of its tributaries, the River Derwent at the small village of Barmby on the Marsh.

About 4 miles further downstream, the Yorkshire Ouse meets yet another tributary, the River Aire, then winds its way passing the village of Hook and on to the town of Goole.

Leaving the town of Goole behind, the river passes the village of Swinefleet, and on to Ousefleet and Faxfleet, where the Yorkshire Ouse joins the River Trent and both rivers combine to create the Humber Estuary.

Species of fish found in the River Ouse (Yorkshire) include:

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River Ouse (Yorkshire) Counties & Tributaries

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