The River Ure

river Ure
Guide to the River Ure.
The River Ure is renowned as one of the best fly fishing rivers in Yorkshire. The upper and middle reaches of the river hold a massive head of grayling and lots of fighting-fit brown trout.

The lower reaches boast good barbel and chub fishing.

The Path of the River Ure

The headwaters of the River Ure come together near the hamlet of Appersett in the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire.

river Ure at Hawes
The river heads east, passing the town of Hawes, past the village of Burtersett and on to the village of Bainbridge, where the river meets its tributary, the River Bain.

From Bainbridge the River Ure continues east, passing near the villages of Askrigg and Thornton Rust, flowing between Redmire and Swinithwaite, then heading past the villages of West Witton and Wensley, and on to the town of Leyburn.

As the river snakes its way between the villages of Spennithorne and Middleham it starts to head southeast, passing the villages of East Witton, Thornton Steward, Rookwith, Charlcot and Clifton-on-Yore.

At Clifton-on-Yore the River Ure takes a more southerly course, flowing down the eastern flank of the market town of Masham, winding its way near the village of Grewelthorpe where it takes a north northeasterly course which takes it to the village of West Tanfield.

After leaving West Tanfield behind the river heads southeast once again, heading past the villages of East Tanfield, North Stainley and Hutton Conyers, before reaching the cathedral city of Ripon. At Ripon the city lies on the western bank of the River Ure, with the villages of Hutton Bank and Sharow on the eastern bank. The River Skell joins the River Ure just downstream of Sharow, as the river leaves Ripon it passes near the North Yorkshire villages of Bridge Hewick, Littlethorpe, Givendale, Newby, Bishop Monkton and Westwick.

river Ure near Westwick
At Westwick the river heads east passing the village of Roecliffe and on to the town of Boroughbridge, with the village of Langthorpe sitting on the northern bank of the river.

Just downstream of Boroughbridge the River Ure begins to heads southeast, passing between the villages of Ellenthorpe and Aldborough and meeting its tributary, the River Swale, near Myton-on-Swale.

The River Ure then flows past the small villages of Lower Dunsforth, Dunsforths and Aldwark, just downstream of Aldwark the river flows under the Aldwark Toll Bridge.

Downstream of the Aldwark Toll Bridge near the village of Thorpe Underwood the River Ure becomes the River Ouse and heads off to Linton-on-Ouse.

Species of fish found in the River Ure include:

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